AIMED PHOTOGRAPHY | Bleacher Report at TwoDEEP Brewing Co.

Bleacher Report at TwoDEEP Brewing Co.

In March I had the chance to photograph an event at TwoDEEP Brewing Company in Downtown Indianapolis. The Bleacher Report sent Matt Miller, Connor Rogers, and Mello to record an episode of The Stick to Football podcast. While I was working, people kept coming up to me and asking, "OH MY GOSH, do you work for Bleacher Report?!?!" 

To be honest, I hadn't heard of the podcast until I booked the event. I learned pretty quickly that these guys have a huge listener base. They hosted a meet and greet in the taproom and took photos with some very enthusiastic fans. After the event, Matt and Connor used my photos as their profile pictures on twitter! (Matt: @nfldraftscout) (Connor: @ConnorJRogers) 

The podcast aired on March 5th, and you can check it out here: The Stick to Football podcast on iTunes




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