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I had the pleasure of photographing one of my good friends Amy and her family! I've known Amy since she was then Amy Yager when we worked at the YMCA together and she had 0 kids and was not married to Tyler yet. The other crazy part of knowing her is she is friends with my cousin Sammy - small world! So in a way we would have eventually ran into each other in this lifetime. The best thing about photographing people I know is, I feel like my camera isn't as shy to them as other's. I've been to Amy's home before, so this lifestyle session makes sense to them as I know their personalities and these photos are more valuable to them than studio or outdoor photos. Remembering the home you lived in and the pets you have is something that I value capturing. And I believe the best photographs are taken at a familiar and comfortable place. - Especially for kids! Although Avery wasn't very shy at the studio, she was more of herself at home!



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